SEO Questionnaire for Pre-Analysis

Please complete and submit the following form and this will allow us to put together your free
pre-analysis report and set targets and timeframes.

1. Please list ten keyphrases in priority order (e.g. Software Development London, Consulting Services UK, Web Hosting Service Providers Spain):

Keyphrase 1.

Keyphrase 2.

Keyphrase 3.

Keyphrase 4.

Keyphrase 5.

Keyphrase 6.

Keyphrase 7.

Keyphrase 8.

Keyphrase 9.

Keyphrase 10.


2. Please list fifteen keywords in priority order (e.g. Software, Canvas Prints, Recruitment, Sports Equipment etc):

Keyword 1.

Keyword 9.

Keyword 2.

Keyword 10.

Keyword 3.

Keyword 11.

Keyword 4.

Keyword 12.

Keyword 5.

Keyword 13.

Keyword 6.

Keyword 14.

Keyword 7.

Keyword 15.

Keyword 8.



3. Please define your chosen audience geographical location:

4. Write 2 lines about your company:

5. Please define your major competitors (include URLs):

6. Define categories of industry sites that are desirable linking partners. E.g. if you are a health club, related industry domain would be: sports wear, diet food, shoes etc.


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Based on your inputs we will derive the keyword competition, identify the exact targeted keyphrases using word tracking tools and then proceed with on-page optimization.